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The Story of Hustle Drops

The Story of Hustle Drops

Hustle Drops is the result of vigorous research and experimentation. Tested by professional athletes training 5 hours+ per day. For them, any edge possible is more than welcome. After testing several compounds and digging through the scientific literature on nutraceuticals for athletic performance, peppermint shined bright above the rest.

All athletes using the peppermint oil reported feeling stronger, having more open airways/easier breathing, and less fatigue throughout the day. First athletes tested the peppermint by dabbing it under their nose, all athletes reported positive effects in their workouts, training and competition. Later, athletes experimented with ingesting the oil, and more positive reports came in but with stronger results.

One of the most compelling experiments was performed on a group of 30 male athletes. The group of athletes were divided into a control and experimental group. The experimental group ingested 10 drops of peppermint oil before exercise tests. The experimental group showed significant increases in grip strength (36%), standing long jump distance (6.4%), and standing vertical jump height (7%). These increases in performance also only got better over a 3 hour period while the control group stayed the same or declined. Studies like this prompted us to look further into the research.

We came across multiple more reports, one discovered the extract increased peak inspiratory flow rate being increased by almost 70%. One study found a 19% decrease in blood lactate levels after exposure to peppermint oil, and another study found athletes exposed to peppermint oil all reported feeling less fatigued and more energized during their workout, similar to the conclusions we had drawn ourselves. The other relevant studies are now available on our science page.

Why Create The Peppermint Blend Known as Hustle Drops?

It might seem like a no brainer, but all athletic enhancements aside, peppermint still had some flaws. The things we did not love about peppermint extract was the taste, and the harmful effects the undiluted oil has on your airways with consistent usage. The taste of raw peppermint oil is not nice, it's like swallowing icy fire, and further research indicates routinely taking raw peppermint oil or any essential oil may cause damage to the muscle tissues in your mouth, airways and lungs.

Hustle Drops is a project to bring a palatable, safe and ingestible peppermint blend to the performance community. We sweeten our blend with monk fruit extract and neutralized the potentially harmful effects with MCT oil (derived from coconuts).

The result is, in our opinion, one of the most powerful all natural performance enhancers in the world.


The Hustle Drops Team