The Story of Hustle Drops

The Story of Hustle Drops

I stumbled across the idea by happen stance. I was a professional squash player and student at the time, studying Psychology and Philosophy, being supported by government funding, my wife, and a bit of prize money. With my first child on the way and massive cuts to government funding coming, I sought out new creative ways to support my education and family.

I started a journey in Ecommerce, bouncing from idea to idea, online store to online store. For one of my stores I wrote an e-book about the psychological effects of fragrances, and coupled it with a personality test to match personalities with different designer scents. That's where I stumbled across some compelling research on peppermint. Paper after paper pointed to remarkable effects of smelling and ingesting peppermint oil. Participants' reaction time quickened, their alertness spiked, their productivity rose.

I was so compelled by the research that I started using the oil for studying and practice. I dabbed some under my nose before hitting the gym, and soon started ingesting it as an experiment. The first time I ingested the oil I knew I was onto something special. The experience felt as if my pain tolerance increased, my alertness and reaction time got better and I felt stronger. 

The most intriguing article I found was an experiment done on 30 male athletes. The group of athletes were divided into a control and experimental group. The experimental group ingested 10 drops of peppermint essential oil before exercise tests. The experimental group showed significant increases in grip strength (36%), standing long jump distance (6.4%), and standing vertical jump height (7%). These increases in performance also only got better over a 3 hour period while the control group stayed the same or declined.

This study prompted me to look further into the research on mint extract and its effects on human performance. I came across compelling reports such as peak inspiratory flow rate being increased by almost 70%. One study found a 19% decrease in blood lactate levels after exposure to peppermint essential oil, and then another study found athletes exposed to peppermint oil ALL reported feeling less fatigued and more energized during their workout.

Why Create Hustle Drops?

I may be a professional athlete, but my sport isn't Tennis or Baseball, I'm a squash player, and squash players don't have the joy of 7 million dollar tournaments and contracts. It's not like we don't work hard, squash is notorious for it's excruciating physical demands, with some matches lasting over 2 hours, and heartrates often redlining over 200 beats per minute. Squash simply hasn't taken off like other sports, but the tour is steadily growing. I created Hustle Drops because I wanted to invent something useful and that people loved, as well as support my family. 

The only thing I did not love about the peppermint oil was the TASTE. The taste of raw peppermint oil is atrocious, it's like swallowing icy fire. Hustle Drops is a project to bring an athlete friendly, palatable, safe and ingestible peppermint essential oil blend to the performance community.

Hustle Drops aims to be the most tasty, powerful, respiratory supplement in the world.